Stewart Jackson, MP for Peterborough has today raised concerns about Millfield in Peterborough.  Mr Jackson is concerned that because the mile-long stretch of Lincoln Road in Millfield Peterborough has more than 30 shops selling alcohol it is at risk of turning into a drunken slum.

Mr Jackson said:

“Put simply there are too many licensed premises in Millfield which seriously affects the quality of life of local residents because of problems including anti-social behaviour, public drunkenness and litter.”

 “Peterborough City Council has said it had to license premises unless there were good reasons not to but the City Council should be doing more to halt the number of licensed premises – including off-licences, supermarkets and newsagents – which across the city number over 80.”

 “If the council had put forward a “Cumulative Impact Zone” for Millfield, the authority would have more powers to deny applications for shops to sell alcohol.”

“They have let themselves down by allowing the proliferation of licensed premises, they have been dragging their feet.”

Featured on BBC Look East here -

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