Stewart Jackson MP yesterday, 23rd February 2015, helped launch the Papworth Trust’s Employment report launch ‘Working Together’, in central Peterborough. The Papworth Trust Employment office in Peterborough supports long-term unemployed adults in getting back into sustainable work.

The ‘Working Together’ Report looks at how businesses can best attract and recruit disabled staff.  The report features case studies from local businesses and their tips and recommendations to other employers such as:

  • Talk to disability organisations to find out what schemes and funding are available to help businesses employ disabled staff.
  • Encourage disabled job applicants and staff to talk to you about any support or access needs in order to tackle barriers together.
  • Look at each person and the unique skills they have to offer to gain loyal employees that other businesses will have missed.

To view the report in full please visit

Stewart Jackson said:

“I am delighted to support the Papworth Trust with the launch of their report ‘Working Together’ in a hope to make employers more disability confident.

I have been very impressed with the Papworth Trust and their success in Peterborough with getting more people into work.”

Stewart previously visited the Papworth Trust in November 2012 to hear about their local experience of the Work Programme.  Since they’ve had the contract for the Work Programme they’ve helped over 2,000 people into work in the city.

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