Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson hosted a conference in the city this morning to promote the Living Wage.

The conference was attended by a variety of organisations and businesses who showed an interest.

Attendees were addressed by:

Stewart Jackson MP providing an introduction on why the Living Wage would make a difference for Peterborough

Rhys Moore who is Director of the Living Wage Foundation gave a background into how the Living Wage Foundation came about, who their partners are and how local employers can sign up.

Keith Jones, CEO at the Peterborough Citizens Advice Bureau, one of Peterborough’s Local Living Wage Employers talked about their experience of the accrediation process and why the CAB saw it as something important to support.  

James Roberts, from Peterborough Citizens Advice Bureau, who now receives the Living Wage, shared his experiences and why receiving the  it made such a difference for him.

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Rhys Moore and Stewart Jackson MP taking questions at the Peterborough Living Wage Conference 2014


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