City MP Stewart Jackson today met with Nick Gibb MP, Minister of State for Schools at the Department for Education.

Mr Jackson met with the Minister to raise ongoing concerns about Peterborough Local Education Authority being 151st out of 151 for the most recent (provisional) SATs results.

Last month, Mr Jackson escalated his overall concerns with the Secretary of State for Education. Mr Jackson raised a number of specific concerns which included school performance, SATs results, GCSE results, teacher recruitment and retention and the added pressure the churn of students at a primary level and English as an Additional Language (EAL).

Stewart Jackson said:

“On entering the Minister’s office, it became clear we were back in the same place talking about the same problems in Peterborough schools that we have done over the last few years.  Unfortunately, as I have spoken out about on many occasions, the situation seems to be getting worse not better.

“Teachers in Peterborough work very hard and have a tough job but I want ensure that the Department for Education, Regional Schools Commissioner and Local Education Authority are working together and doing everything they can to improve performance.

“It is a shame that so much of the time when talking about education in Peterborough we hear excuses rather than ideas and plans of how to improve things going forward – that is why I wanted to press the Minister again to take action to improve performance in Peterborough.”

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