Peterborough’s MP Stewart Jackson carried out a walkabout in Werrington on Thursday morning.  Following concerns from a number of constituents and local Ploughman Pub landlord Andy Simmonds, Mr Jackson carried out a walk around the Werrington Centre to hear concerns and see issues firsthand. 

Mr Jackson remains concerned about the empty units adjacent to Tesco.  Mr Jackson is pushing for a real long term plan of action for the Werrington Centre and wider area, which the City Council, Tesco, Police and local residents have a true say in.

Mr Jackson said:

“I am very concerned about the effect which such vacant units can have on an area and they represent a very real arson risk.  I am deeply disappointed that the Post Office has closed and moved to Hodgson Avenue, Werrington, despite clear opposition from their MP, local councillors and a great number of residents.”

“I understand that Tesco are in discussions and hope to meet Planners from Peterborough City Council and are intending to exclude local councillors. I find this very difficult to understand.

I have written to Police and Crime Commissioner, Sir Graham Bright, to push for a proper plan of action for the Werrington Police Shop.  I have also written to Tesco’s Chairman, Sir Richard Broadbent to ask that a more positive approach is taken with the Werrington Centre and surrounding area plans.”



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