Stewart Jackson MP has today met with Paul Oxley and Jacques Goodall from First Group, which runs the First Capital Connect (FCC) services between Peterborough and London Kings Cross.  After crowd-sourcing constituents viewpoints, Stewart took the opportunity to raise the concerns of a number of constituents as well as hearing from FCC about upcoming changes.

Outcomes of the meeting included;

  • Recognition from First Capital Connect of concerns about age and cleanliness of carriages, specifically the 7.14am service.
  • Mr Jackson received an update about changes to the timetable from 9th December which amongst other things will mean additional 12 carriage services during peak times.  This translates to 500 extra seats from Peterborough on weekday mornings as well 250 extra seats each week day evening.
  • FCC has made improvements in their public performance measures.
  • Mr Jackson congratulated FCC about quality of service they provided during the Olympics.
  • Mr Jackson also raised concerns about the inconsistency and volume of on-board announcements – FCC have confirmed they are monitoring this and will continue to review their performance
  • FCC raised concerns about increases in graffiti and ongoing problems with cycle theft.
  • FCC are in open dialogue with Network Rail and East Coast (who run Peterborough Station) in order to strive for service improvements and real time passenger information.
  • FCC are continuing to work on the Thameslink bid which will offer more travel opportunities and better links to people travelling from Peterborough.
Stewart Jackson said: 

“I found the meeting very useful and a good opportunity to talk openly about my constituents’ concerns.  I welcome the improvements FCC has made with communications and it was good to hear that more of their trains are arriving on time.

I’d urge people to sign up to their text alerts and follow them on Twitter @FirstCC, it’s an easy way to hear about disruptions to our travel.”

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