Stewart Jackson MP to co-sponsor bill for the legal right to bereavement leave for parents.

MP for Peterborough, Stewart Jackson is to co-sponsor a Bill which would see parents who suffer the loss of a child given a legal right to paid leave in order to grieve.  Mr Jackson is co-sponsoring the Bill being introduced to the House of Commons by Glasgow South MP Tom Harris.  The Bill will for the first time seeks to enforce statutory bereavement leave for parents.

Stewart Jackson MP said;

“I doubt that there is anything more upsetting and distressing that the loss of your child.  But it is important to recognise that time off work, when it’s granted, is wholly at the discretion of the employer.”

 “Few reputable employers would deny a grieving parent time off given such tragic circumstances, but this kind of leave should be a working parent’s right, which is why I am proud to be co-sponsoring this Bill.”

The 10-Minute Rule Bill is due to be presented on the floor of the House of Commons on Wednesday 4th September.

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