City MP Stewart Jackson is campaigning to protect the integrity of Peterborough’s city centre with hopes of blocking further betting shops, pawnbrokers and pay day loan shops.

Mr Jackson previously raised public concern about the number of betting shops in Peterborough city centre in August last year.  He believes the number of branches is having a detrimental impact on the city and ‘crowding out’ other independent retailers.

Earlier this month, Mr Jackson spoke in a Parliamentary debate on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs), the much criticised gaming machines and was, last year, one of only four Government Members to vote against the Government in a deferred Division on this issue.

There are 21 betting shops and 82 FOBTs in the Peterborough Constituency (which doesn’t cover the whole City Council’s area).

Mr Jackson is calling on Peterborough City Council to implement an Article 4 Direction under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, an approach already being considered and consulted on by a growing number of local authorities.  An Article 4 Direction and associated supplementary planning guidance would address the further proliferation of betting.

Stewart Jackson said:

“Standing on the junction of Broadway, Midgate, Bridge Street and Westgate, you are within striking distance of a handful of betting shops.  It is unclear why so many are needed or allowed within such a small area but clearly they are exploiting an existing Planning law loophole.” 

“I am calling on Peterborough City Council to give consideration to implementing an Article 4 Direction in response to local concern about the increase of betting shops.”

“To join and support my campaign to block more betting shops and protect our city centre, please email me at

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