Today’s Energy Bill will save families in Peterborough up to £158 on their utility bills, by helping people to switch to the cheapest tariff. The most vulnerable households will see the greatest benefit. This is on top of the £64 average saving that householders in Peterborough have already seen so far, compared to Labour’s plans.

By contrast, Labour’s planned scheme for utilities would mean an immediate rise in bills of £61 on average. This is likely to be a minimum figure, as Ed Miliband also wants to reorganise the utilities market, to force energy to be “pooled” for auction. This idea was abandoned by the Blair Government because it drove up energy bills. Ed Miliband wants to see this scheme return, in addition to his planned £61 raid on your wallet, and Labour’s unfunded commitment to rebrand the Ofgem regulator. 

An infographic illustrating the choice on utility bills is attached. The Energy Bill is delivering on David Cameron’s promise to help families with the rising cost of living.

Stewart Jackson said:

“The cost of living is the number one issue in Peterborough. That’s why the today’s Energy Bill matters. The choice today is saving up to £158 with the Conservatives, or paying £61 more under Labour.”

Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, Greg Barker MP, said:

“Today’s Energy Bill will put cash back in your pocket. Hardworking families in [Constituency name] will be able to save up to £158, by switching to the cheapest energy tariff, which our plans will give everyone the chance to do.” 

“Already, as a result of our policies, people are paying 5 per cent less on their gas and electricity bills than they would otherwise be.”

“You can’t trust Labour with your money. On Ed Miliband’s watch, electricity got 50 per cent more expensive and we saw the proliferation of a bewildering number of energy tariffs. The Labour leader just doesn’t get it. It’s the same old Labour Party.”

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