Peterborough MP fights for local homes for local people amid plans for “social cleansing” by London Borough

City MP Stewart Jackson has attacked plans put forward, after secret talks between Peterborough City Council Leader Cllr Marco Cereste and the Leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, for Peterborough to enter into a deal to help house the London Borough’s housing list in the city.

The deal will allegedly see Peterborough paid a fee for building homes for those on the housing waiting list in the London borough, even though it is one of the richest in the UK, has a huge property portfolio and cash reserves of £180 million and only a small number of the new housing units would go to those on Peterborough’s own housing waiting list – which now stands at 9,600 people.

This is despite Peterborough City Councillors recently agreeing a new housing allocations policy which calls for a stronger local link in order to access scarce affordable housing.

Stewart Jackson said: 

“Cllr Cereste has not debated this matter with Conservative colleagues or the City Council as a whole and nor has there been any public consultation.

This is about Kensington and Chelsea outsourcing their welfare dependant and workless tenants affected by the benefits cap and higher rents and I fail to see what there is in it for Peterborough in a financially viable long term way.

Our scarce local homes should be prioritised for local working people on modest incomes and not be given away in a project marked out by short term greed and grandiose vanity projects.

We need a proper informed debate on this policy as a matter of urgency.”



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