Yesterday, Monday 30th June 2014, Stewart Jackson MP for Peterborough questioned the Prime Minister in the House of Commons over immigration controls.

Peterborough’s Conservative MP tabled a Ten Minute Rule Bill in the House of Commons in October 2012 entitled the EU Free Movement Directive (Disapplication) Bill, which aimed to will force the UK government to vary the conditions attached to the 2004 Free Movement Directive, which has allowed millions of EU citizens to come to the UK to live and work, with impunity. He believes strongly that this is still an option for the Government and pressed the Prime Minister on this.

Stewart Jackson (Peterborough, Conservative)

The Prime Minister should be in no doubt that he spoke for Peterborough and our country last week with his robust leadership at the EU Council. I always knew he had lead in his pencil, but it is good to see him sharpening it on the inexorable drive to ever closer union, as personified by Mr Juncker. If he is looking for areas of serious reform, will he make the free movement directive the No. 1 priority? On the Conservative Benches, he has massive support for reforming that in the UK’s best long-term interests.

David Cameron (The Prime Minister; Witney, Conservative)

I am grateful for my hon. Friend’s remarks. It is important to look at the issue of freedom of movement. I particularly mentioned the issue of the benefit changes that are necessary. I also think we need to look at transitional controls, when new member states join the EU. We need a radically different approach from the one that has been held until now. As for my hon. Friend’s remarks about lead in my pencil, I will let the relevant people know.


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