Peterborough’s MP Stewart Jackson today spoke in a debate in the House of Commons to raise his concerns about hospital parking charges in Peterborough and across the country.

Peterborough City Hospital can currently charge visitors and patients up to £10 per day whereas Stamford Hospital which is also part of the Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust does not charge for parking at all.

Mr Jackson has previously voiced concerns about the financial burden placed on Peterborough and Stamford NHS Foundation Trust by the PFI.

Stewart Jackson said:

“It was never the intention that patients should be forced into a back-door stealth tax by virtue of the fact that they drive a car and need to park at a hospital. Health care has always been funded through general taxation, not patient charges, and that principle has been established by all parties.”

“Parking charges cause real hardship for the simple reason that they are a regressive type of taxation that hits the elderly, the poorest and the sickest at the most vulnerable times in their lives.”

Mr Jackson’s contribution to the debate can be viewed in full in the Hansard here

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