Stewart Jackson MP has privately and publicly raised concerns about what is happening to residents at St Michael’s Gate, to the property (landlord) owners Steff and Phillips and Peterborough City Council.

On Friday 14th October 2016 called a public meeting for local residents to talk about St Michael’s Gate at Parnwell Community Centre, Saltersgate. Mr Jackson requested for Peterborough City Council to attend to talk about their decision – Deputy Leader, Councillor Wayne Fitzgerald was available to answer questions. At the meeting Mr Jackson was given a petition signed by residents of Parnwell and a copy of an online petition.

Following the meeting, Mr Jackson continues to be concerned. He has expressed frustration at Steff and Phillips’ lack of communication and Peterborough City Council’s apparent lack of support for residents.

Today, Wednesday 2nd November, Mr Jackson will be presenting the petition on the floor of the House of Commons calling for action on this issue.

Petitions are presented towards the end of the Parliamentary session at approximately 7pm, you can watch live at Alternatively, you can read the presentation afterwards at

Stewart Jackson MP said:

“Longstanding residents at St Michael’s Gate have been shockingly badly treated. It is perverse and unfair to evict them for other homeless people.

“I am taking the campaign to Ministers and Parliament to demand answers from Stef and Philips, the City Council and more widely why these properties were given over to a private landlord from a housing association.

“I will be presenting the petition this evening in the House of Commons as I want to ensure residents get a response from a Government Minister on this.”


Stewart Jackson MP speaking at his public meeting, L-R pictured with Deputy Leader of Peterborough City Council Wayne Fitzgerald and local councillors for the Parnwell area, Azher Iqbal and Marcus Sims

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