Statement from Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson regarding today’s verdicts at the Old Bailey on Peterborough sex attacks.

“Peterborough will be a safer place today, especially for vulnerable young women.

The guilty verdicts send out a signal that British justice has been done and that this criminal behaviour is completely unacceptable and should not be tolerated in any community, including the Roma community.

The statutory agencies in Peterborough, particularly the City Council and Cambridgeshire Police, have worked well together in dealing with these appalling crimes and their victims but there are important lessons to be learnt at how we protect vulnerable young women from predatory paedophiles and the role of the State as de facto parents to children from dysfunctional families and broken homes. The rights of and welfare of the victims must be paramount.  There are no second class citizens in the UK.

The experience of a similar grooming case in Oxfordshire shows the importance of a central, pro active “hub” approach, by different agencies working in partnership, to identify abuse early and deal with it quickly.

We need to redouble efforts to ensure that immigrants from EU countries are working, contributing and paying taxes and if not they should be removed from the UK with urgency if participating in criminal conduct.

I will be writing to the Secretary of State for Justice to ensure that these foreign convicted criminals are permanently deported on release from custody.”


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