Statement from Stewart Jackson MP:

 ”On 22nd October 2012, the Daily Telegraph published a story (“MPs cling on to profits from second-home sales”) which was malicious, defamatory and most importantly, untrue. At no time did the newspaper seek to verify the substance or facts of the story by speaking directly to me or giving me an opportunity to rebut their allegations.

Reluctantly, I had to resort to law after first giving the newspaper the opportunity to avoid a legal dispute and apologise and correct the record – an offer made in good faith, which they refused.

The Daily Telegraph has today published a retraction, apology and paid my legal costs.

Members of Parliament are public servants, accountable to their constituents and the taxpayer. They should be open to robust criticism as people who have chosen to be in the public eye.

However, newspapers should report the facts in a balanced and fair way and they should not have carte blanche to lie about MPs with impunity”

Click on the link to view the apology from Daily Telegraph

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