The Government has announced today that Peterborough will benefit from its plan to lease out Government buildings to SMEs.  The Government is now inviting incubation and business start-up organisations to manage and allocate these spaces.

Stewart Jackson MP commented:

“This is fantastic news for businesses in Peterborough.  Thanks to the efficiency drive across Government, SMEs in Peterborough will now have the chance to use Blenheim Court.  Instead of the building standing unused and costing the taxpayer money, businesses in Peterborough will now be offered the space to expand and grow. 

“This Government saved over £100 million last year alone by managing its estate better. With today’s announcement, businesses in Peterborough can see how they will start to benefit directly”.

Prime Minister David Cameron, said:

“The British Government has a huge stock of buildings at our disposal. The first priority for the ones we aren’t using is to sell them off, but in the meantime, many are going to be sitting idle. So let’s match the capacity we’ve got with the need that’s out there. Let’s provide office space where we can to those who can use it.”

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