Stewart Jackson, Member of Parliament for Peterborough, marked Living Wage Week with a visit to local accredited employer Peterborough’s Citizens Advice Bureau in St Marks Street, Peterborough. This comes ahead of Mr Jackson’s Living Wage Conference which will be held in Peterborough on 21st November.

Mr Stewart Jackson said:

I was delighted to get the opportunity to visit Peterborough’s Citizens Advice Bureau again.   It was great to hear how much of a difference recieving the Living Wage had made to their employees. Their CEO, Keith Jones, was very positive about the importance of the Living Wage.  I’m very grateful for the work he has done to ensure this support for their employees and my constituents across Peterborough.

For anyone interested in hearing more about the Living Wage please do register to attend my conference later this month.  More details are available here

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