Stewart Jackson MP has today welcomed the announcement that the next Conservative Government would end public subsidies for newly planned onshore wind projects and give local councils the decisive say on them.

The Conservatives would also make changes to planning rules to give greater protection to an area’s valued countryside and heritage.

The changes would mean that any plans not already in the pipeline for new offshore wind projects would need to be able to pay for themselves and get local support now that enough onshore wind has been planned to meet the Government’s legally-binding renewables target for 2020.

These changes would be delivered by a Conservative Government within six months of the next election.

Mr Jackson commented:

“This is excellent news for people in Peterborough, Newborough, Eye and Thorney who have been worried that wind farms could be approved locally without their views being heard.

“Only the next Conservative Government would end bill payer funded subsidies for any newly planned onshore wind farms and give local communities the decisive say on them.

“This will give us the power to protect our heritage and natural beauty in Peterborough, keeping it safe for our children and strengthening our local community.”

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