Stewart Jackson MP has welcomed Theresa May’s letter to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk, formally enacting Article 50 and beginning the process of withdrawal from the European Union.

The Prime Minister’s letter can be viewed by CLICKING HERE .

Stewart has been a lifelong Eurosceptic and opponent of the European Union project, having been only one of two members of the Government to resign in October 2011, when he defied David Cameron to vote for a referendum on the European Union. Several years later the then Prime Minister then agreed to a referendum, thanks to the pressure of backbenchers like Stewart who had been relentless in pushing for it.

Stewart avidly supported the Vote Leave team across the UK and campaigned especially hard in Peterborough. Peterborough voted 60.9% to leave the EU.

In response to the Prime Minister’s letter, Stewart Jackson MP said:

“I am incredibly proud of the Prime Minister’s decision to follow through with the democratic will of the people, despite so many people and political parties trying to disrupt and derail the entire process. Theresa May said last year that she would deliver this outcome by the end of March 2017 and she has done so, on time and on point.

As someone who has long believed the European Union to be a democratically deficient construct designed to erode national sovereignty, I am very pleased to have played my part in the UK Parliament and in the Conservative Party in the events that have led up to today.

I look forward to working with the ‘Brexit’ Secretary, Rt Hon David Davis MP, to secure the UK becoming a globally prosperous, sovereign and free trade supporting Parliamentary democracy once more.”

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